An Interview with Zango Myspace Affiliate, Mark Arruda (Paperghost’s

Somebody just sent me a link to this interview with everybody’s favourite Myspace man, Mark Arruda. It mentions going from a $6 hourly job to a $60,000 a month wage, his Chrysler 300 and the fact that he rakes in big money from his webpages aiming to “enhance” Myspace profiles.

In the article Paperghost outlines out that this affiliate is breaking both the rules at MySpace and Zango…and no one seems to be doing anything despite the fact that the money being gained here through affiliate marketing that appears to be targeting children. By Mark Arruda’s own admission, “Most visitors to Mark’s Web sites are between the ages of 13 and 18.” And you need to be 18+ to install Zango. Very interesting.

Most average adults would be hard pressed to understand the intricately woven legalese in EULAs — do they really think that kids will be able to do that?

Adware infested Videos offered on MySpace that purvey Zango installs in a round about and devious way through an affiliate…Very interesting reading.

I wonder if MySpace and Zango will do something about this or do they only care about making money and not care where or how it is obtained?


Thanks TeMerc at ScotsNewsletter forums for bringing this to our attention.

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