Dan Lockton’s Architectures of Control in Design blog reports,

Neuros: “Freedom by Design”

Following on from the last post about the Neuros MPEG4 recorder, looking on the Neuros website reveals something pretty unusual for a company involved in consumer product design – a clear statement of design philosophy, ‘What do we stand for?’ that’s heavy on content and light on vague rhetoric:

“Your Digital Rights and Why They’re Important to You

Throughout the history of technology, Hollywood has fought innovation at every turn. Even technologies that benefit the studios, and that we take for granted, exist only because someone fought the studios for their very existence.”

More in the posting – must read both at Dan Lockton’s blog and the links to the Neuros website.

Neuros seems to be a comforting light in the encroaching sea of darkness that is swallowing up our ‘fair use’ these days! I hope more companies will “see the light” and put their light on as well to ensure that ‘fair use’ of what we buy will be maintained and/or restored…before it’s too late.

Dan, thanks so much for your kind words on your blog about my posting here. Keep up the good work!

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