DefectiveByDesign reports,

May Wong of Associated Press writes

The Boston-based advocacy group launched an online petition Thursday asking Bono to take a stand with them against copy-protection technologies that they say unnecessarily restrict consumers’ rights to freely use the music and art they’ve purchased. Digital rights management technology is commonly used by companies such as Apple Computer Inc. or Microsoft Corp. to support the companies’ own business strategies and satisfy the music industry’s concerns about unfettered distribution of songs over the Internet…. [Defective By Design] contends that more liberal access and usage models will actually help increase sales by widening the base of art lovers.”

DRM is DefectiveByDesign

In an earlier interview by BBC,

This morning (6/23/06), an interview with Peter Brown Executive Director of the FSF, was aired on BBC World Service. The segment with Peter begins at 8 minutes 20 seconds into the news report. “This protection [DRM] doesn’t protect against the real threat that the big media companies supposedly face, which is the large mafia like organizations that pirate stuff and distribute it through their black markets. What we’re talking about here is you, an individual at home, being restricted with what you can do with the media that you thought you purchased.”

There is also an audio file (mp3, ogg and listen now link) of an eHome Upgrade interview with Peter Brown.

Ask Bono to stand with us for Digital Freedoms!

DefectiveByDesign reported,

In the first 24 hours we had over 1,000 signatures added to the petition, and now we are looking to arrange an appointment with Bono.

There are now at 10:22 AM EDT, over 1600 … “Join the expectant crowd gathering now!” (Firesign Theatre reference).

Between the RIAA, the MPAA, Microsoft with their WGA Notification and Windows Vista DRM enabling ability for HDCP (read: restrictions on consumers) and others who are/will jump on this DRMtrainwreck, there is no time like the present to get involved in helping to stop DRM Now!

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  1. […] After Sony’s DRM rootkit fiasco, I started thinking about the concept of threaded digital rights management. The concept is simple enough. Let’s say you have two computer programs. One is installed and working fine. Then a year or so later, you install a second one, and then suddenly the first one completely stops working. These forms of software conflicts have happened to all of us at one point or another, but what if it could be used for digital rights management? […]

  2. erictravis said:

    Interesting that France has forced Apple to open it’s DRM technology so that songs from the iTunes store can be played on players other than the iPod. Perhaps this is the match thrown on the tinderbox…

  3. one can only hope 😉

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