Worms in the Garden

Worms in the Garden

Corrine has a new blog! She has combined two of her major interests in a really unique way – gardens and computer security.

Worms in your garden are one thing — and generally considered good for aerating the soil and the song birds certainly like them. Computer worms, however, are another story entirely!

Corrine is not particularly happy with WGA either and she talks about it on her new blog, and she wasn’t surprised to learn that there is already a worm that spreads through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and disguises itself as WGA:

Worm Masquerades as Microsoft Antipiracy Program

In Corrine’s posting she also says that, “Mr. Kirk also reported from Sophos PLC, a security vendor, that Cuebot-K can disable other software, shut off the Windows firewall, download other malicious programs, perform DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, and more.”

Corrine talks more about WGA in her Garden Phone? posting as well.

This is way bad news and not at all unexpected unfortunately.

Great to see you blogging now Corrine! 🙂

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  1. Corrine said:

    Thank you! I am having fun with it, and that is what counts. Well, having fun and hopefully helping someone along the way or providing a different point of view for consideration.

    At least Trend Micro has the WGA Worm in detection now. We can only hope that MS learns from this fiasco.

  2. You are very welcome Corrine!

    Yes, having fun with it is very important and if you can do something worthwhile at the same time, so much the better!

    Yes, I hope MS learns from this fiasco.

    They have lost at least one avid user, — one who has used Windows since Win 3.x and MS DOS before that — who has moved to Linux for 98% of my computing needs (that 2% is only due to my Visioneer 8920 scanner which is not supported in Linux as yet).

    I can not trust them to do the right thing by consumers any longer.

    They have abused Automatic Updates to their own ends by foisting WGA Notifications on users, out of cycle and misleading statements.

    Between WGA Notification and the HDCP enabling in Vista, they have really screwed over the legitimate user — in favor of big corporations.

    Even if they have turned around the ‘documentation’ of WGA and slowed down the ‘phone home’ ability of WGA, it’s irrelevant. There should be NO ‘phoning home’ of the OS for legitimately confirmed legal users of Windows, except as needed for notification of security updates to prevent their OS from being a vehicle to compromise the security of a consumer’s computer….IF the consumer chooses to use those notifications. It was bad enough when they ‘required’ Automatic Updates to be fully enabled to get updates for their Windows Defender before that — but this was just the last straw for me.

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