Flexible copyright to nurture a creative milieu

So closely is copyright associated with the phrase “all rights reserved” that some people have difficulty imagining any other system. But an unusual global alliance of artists, scientists and lawyers who met here over the weekend has been working to forge a “creative commons” that allows artists to decide which rights they want to retain and which they would rather share.

This was a reprint of a NYT article entitled: In Digital Age, Advancing a Flexible Copyright System by By LARRY ROHTER link that klok sent.

I am listing both locations where it can be found.

Not an especially long read but packed with information. I had no idea that for instance that:

Advocates from countries including France and Australia say musical collection societies are also trying to prevent artists from making their work available under any system other than traditional copyright. These organizations, which collect performance royalties on music from radio stations, recording companies and others, have threatened to fine or sue musicians who license their work through Creative Commons.

All I can say is wow! It is bad enough here in the States, but that really stinks.

For more information, see: New York Times Coverage of the iComons Summit at the Creative Commons Blog and the iSummit page at iCommons.org.

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