Understanding HDCP

Understanding HDCP

This is a must read article. It ties all the other hardware/OS/software level DRMs that we have talked about together in one neat, three page article. Each page is important and well worth reading.

If you want to know what you will be missing (fair use and ownership) on your new computer, new OS, new versions of software, look no further … it’s all spelled out in angering detail.

We have been talking about this for nearly 4 years now and they’ve finally got most of the pieces in place … just wait for Vista, Blu-Ray, HD DVD and a multitude of other hardware enhanced illusions … the pervue of HDCP.

Thanks Specmon at Scotsnewsletter for bringing this must read article to our attention.

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  1. HDCP…Highly Crappy Copy Protection?

  2. […] Who owns the media? And also see yesterday’s posting about Understanding HDCP for the tie in on the means of control. […]

  3. […] And he didn’t even have to go into the HDCP reasons, or other reasons noted here, or the march to boycott Blu-Ray and HD DVD, or even the crippling Output Content Protection – DRM – and Windows Vista. […]

  4. […] If you are not familiar with HDCP, you should be….check out our posting entitled: Understanding HDCP for more on what’s coming to computer hardware, software and Vista… […]

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