Study Reveals New Vaccine Reverses Memory Loss (Biosingularity)

Those who have lost, or are losing, their precious memories to Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as their caregivers and other family members, may have some new hope:

Researchers at the Johnnie B. Byrd, Sr. Alzheimer’s Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, have not only imagined these things, they have actually developed such a vaccine that they show reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s mice.

This vaccine has only been tested so far on Alzheimer’s mice. But if it works as well on humans, and still shows signs of no side effects as well as pass the FDA’s approval…

“This adoptive transfer vaccine approach is important not only for the long-term benefits it provides, but also for what it doesn’t provide — harmful side effects,” said Gary Arendash, Ph.D, a principal investigator on the study and a Byrd Institute researcher.

Plans for clinical trials with the new vaccine in Alzheimer’s patients are underway at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute. “Even if this new vaccine does not cure Alzheimer’s disease, it may significantly slow down the disease process and thus provide years of quality life to individuals diagnosed with the disease,” said Arendash.

More information in the Biosingularity article and at the Byrd Institute website.

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