Is business the real Big Brother? – BBC News

Monitoring and surveillance of employees and customers by big business is now commonplace.

The BBC asks a very good question. It’s hard to tell which would come first, the chicken or the egg with Big Brother (you decide whether the government or business are the chicken or the egg). 😉

Dr Kirstie Ball of the Open University certainly thinks so. She believes that most of the surveillance and monitoring of our movements is hidden.

“It’s everywhere, absolutely everywhere,” she says.

“As we move throughout cities, throughout our jobs and lives, there are technologies and devices everywhere which capture our movements, capture our activities, which are then stored on databases as evidence of what we’ve been doing.”

She is far from being alone in this view. “In Britain, we are saturated in a world of surveillance,” says Simon Davies, director of Privacy International and a fellow of the London School of Economics.

Excellent points all. Must read.

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