I have begun to wonder if a better question might be, “What colleges and universities, government and corporate systems have NOT been compromised and data stolen or put at risk?

Another data compromise at Sacred Heart university announced yesterday — another 135,000 individual’s names, addresses and Social Security numbers in the hands of cyber criminals.

And forgive me while I digress a minute … I get so sick and tired (and tired always follows sick according to Bill Cosby), of criminals being equated with hackers! They are not the same thing! There are good hackers, bad hackers and mediocre hackers, just like there are good, bad and mediocre doctors, lawyers, politicians (although good ones rare these days), mechanics, technicians, etc., despite how the ‘government’ and ‘media’ like to portray hackers (particularly since the DMCA went into effect in 1998 (don’t get me started on the DMCA!). Unintended Consequences of the DMCA (EFF.org). And I just found another site on DMCA (Anti-DMCA website). OK, enough already … back on topic. 😉

When you read the list of compromises at PrivacyRights.org, or even do a search on just “security data compromise” on google (39.1 MILLION returns). This is a disgrace for our nation. The articles over the last one to two years alone in regard to data breaches — even if you only go back to the ChoicePoint fiasco are staggering!

Maybe we should be keeping tabs on the university, government and corporate systems that have not been compromised — that might be an easier tally. 😦

Or maybe we need to say enough is enough with the current two parties and their lobbyists destroying this country? Here’s something interesting I found today, “The Unitary Executive Theory and the Destruction of Democracy” from back in January of 2006. Interesting thought. Something to ponder.

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