When Spyware Performs as Advertised – Brian Kreb’s Security Fix at WashingtonPost

A few words of caution to any Myspace users out there considering “free” software designed to let you spy on unsuspecting others online: Be sure to read the fine print when a product like this says “free,” and don’t be surprised if the software is used to spy on you.

Take, for instance, the latest scam being passed around like a digital disease on MySpace: a message advertising software that promises users the ability to track who is viewing their profile pages. This thing, brought to my attention by the folks at Fortinet, arrives as a Myspace bulletin (bulletins allow Myspace users to send messages to all of their “friends” simultaneously) and directs users to visit http://www.myfriendspy.com, which claims the visitor can download the software after clicking on an icon that automatically posts the same bulletin to their friends.

And Paperghost has posted some images that show some of what these ads look like at the Greynets Blog: Zango on Myspace.

As if Myspace didn’t have enough problems already…

Thanks to TeMerc at Scot’s Newsletter Forums for bringing this to our attention.

And this just gets worse and worse, cybormoron in the same Scot’s Newsletter Forum topic, has posted the following: WreckedExotics.com Partners With Zango to Expand Site Content and Increase Revenue Opportunities.

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 13 — Zango, a leading provider of free premium online content, today announced a partnership with WreckedExotics.com, a site featuring the Internet’s “largest collection of exotic car crash photos.” Through the partnership, Wrecked Exotics can deliver video from the Zango content syndication platform to its users, providing additional access to premium content.

Later in the article:

The collaboration with Zango adds a new element to that demonstration — video clips of more than 60 automobile crashes. This and other content are made available to Webmasters on the ever-growing Zango content syndication platform. Users are required to download the Zango Search Assistant in order to access Zango-sponsored content.

More in the article.


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