Save the Internet

Save the Internet :

The Coalition is an alliance of organizations, citizens, businesses and bloggers that have banded together to protect Internet freedom.

The Coalition believes that the Internet is a crucial engine for economic growth and free speech. We are working together to urge Congress to take steps now to preserve Network Neutrality, the First Amendment for the Internet that ensures that the Internet remains open to innovation and progress.

From its beginnings, the Internet has leveled the playing field for all comers. Everyday people can have their voices heard by thousands, even millions of people. The Coalition — representing millions of Americans from all walks of life — is working together to ensure that Congress passes no telecommunications legislation without meaningful and enforceable Network Neutrality requirements.

This is not something we can leave to ‘big business’ to do the right thing. They will do what they feel is right for their bottom line. They have proven it over and over. This is not how we wish the Internet to be remembered!

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