Senate Bill Attacks Content, VOIP, Analog TVs

A sweeping overhaul of the Communications Act of 1934 was proposed on the Senate floor Monday, which would reinstate the audio and video broadcast flag, require VOIP traffic to be identifiable, and effectively eliminate analog televisions in a year’s time.

The above article on the Senate Bill was posted on May 2nd.

This broad sweeping bill definitely includes the enactment of ALL the broadcast flags! As well as so many unwanted corporate backed initiatives it’s unbelievable.

Cluttermagnet at ScotsNewsletter Forums pretty much summed up my thoughts on this:

More DRM and DRM-like crap here. It doesn’t get much uglier than what we’ve been seeing this past year. Barbarians at the gates? Heck, they’re inside already, and they’re cutting up the furniture and selling it for firewood. Your furniture. Thieves in broad daylight, ripping you off for everything they can lay their hands on. I am sooooooooooo not buying their products and services. TV is such a vast wasteland. Cell phones are so overpriced. A ball and chain. I don’t want them. OK, I’ll settle for being a voice in the wilderness. “Stand still, little sheep, to be shorn…” I’m apparently a late-blooming, economically and politically-motivated Luddite. So be it. I’m not anti-tech. I’ve been a geek for years. I’m anti-ripoff and I’m firmly for putting the control freaks out with the morning garbage. Ship of fools.

Oh, yeah- they’re gonna revive the broadcast flag, among other horrors. Surprised? Perfectly happy with your present TV? Too bad. They can’t control it, so it’s gotta go. Et cetera. Rights? Forget it! Privacy? Forget it. What have you done with my country, dudes?!

I will be keeping my eyes on this bill, and how it fares against the new House bill. As well as those who are proposing it, who it truly benefits, and for sure on‘s website as well as other sites that speak out against this type of thing.

I don’t think it is only those who have been on this planet for more than one dance that see what US Citizen’s lose with these types of sweeping restrictions on fair use, is it?

They keep issuing, and reissuing, and reissuing these crappy bills using the typical ‘frog in water in a pot on the stove while slowly turning up the heat so we don’t see we are being cooked till it’s too late to save ourselves’ playbook.

I wonder if this typical play book of theirs will work yet again?

Where is that House bill? Was it pulled back?

And why are so few mainstream media even continuing to cover this news! I will tell you why I think that’s the case …. Because it’s not in their corporate best interest.

Thanks Cluttermagnet for your words on this. Very sad news indeed.

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