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Comment The greatest president in American history, Abraham Lincoln, is credited with uttering one of the finest sayings about human nature ever expressed: “You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.” Folks in Lincoln’s time seemed to be experts at fooling each other, so I’m sure Abe was speaking from experience and direct observation.

Seems things haven’t changed much on that score, sadly. However, history is only a backdrop for a major security problem … social engineering … an inside job too!

The story is at ChannelRegister and well worth reading.

Inside men, in an IT worldIt seems that modern cyber-criminals have learned a thing or two from the Confederates of old. No subterfuge is too old not to see itself reborn in a modern setting, and it seems that while you can’t fool all the people all the time, sometimes fooling people enough of the time will still net a bad guy plenty of money.

Sumitomo Mitsui is one of the larger Japanese banks, and as such it has branches around the world, one of them in London. Last year, Sumitomo Mitsui was nearly the victim of the largest bank robbery in history: nearly half a billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. Thieves nearly made away with $440m, but were foiled by police before the heist could be completed. How did it happen? It was an inside job, of course.

Gaining physical access was key (to plant keyloggers, that is) to the initial stages in their foiled attempt.

This was originally posted by Scott Granneman’s latest column at Security Focus and looks at recent security examples where people have been fooled in increasingly innovative ways: from keyloggers used in a massive bank heist and new Trojans that encrypt data and request ransom money, to real financial rip-offs that extend out from online virtual gaming worlds like World of Warcraft.

Collusion, social engineering, criminal gangs, theft, and more are very much alive and well …. on the Internet as well as in real life.

Reminds me of a line from the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie where Obi Wan tells Luke how dangerous the space port is and then, says to Luke, we must be very careful. 😉

Thanks Klok for the heads up on the article.

EDIT: To add more detail on the full article and where it originated.

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