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Podcast Academy 3 will be held at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, California, June 15-16.

The two-day curriculum will include 14 classes, lunch and refreshments during breaks. The classes and instructors confirmed so far (but subject to change without notice) include:

* Podcast Gear for Any Budget (Paul Figgiani, The Point)
* Making Money in Podcasting (Michael Geoghegan, Reel Reviews)
* A Live TWiT Podcast (Leo Laporte and the TWiTs, This Week in Tech)
* Recording and Editing Interviews (Dierdre Kennedy, Animals Aloud)
* Podcast Advertising Sales (Tim Bourquin, The Podcast Brothers)
* Music Licensing for Podcasts (C.C. Chapman, Podsafe Music Network)
* Beyond the Audio (Darusha Wehm, The Conversations Network)
* The Secrets of MP3 Files (Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network)

What a great lineup! Shame we’re on the east coast!

Darusha on her blog, The Golden Hammer says, “I’ll be meeting face to face with my co-consipirators at the Conversations Network, and giving a talk about how to make your podcast better by offering your audience more than just audio or video.”

Getting to see Leo Laporte and the TWiTs do a live podcast would be awesome too!

They have limited capacity (110 max), but if you are anywhere near the Yahoo! ‘campus’ at Santa Clara, CA during that time frame, might just want to check out Podcast Academy 3!

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