CBC Arts: Music fans not the enemy: artists’ coalition

This article shows the difficulty that the artists will have in Canada … being up against the lobbyists for the music industry in Canada.

The musicians do want to get paid as everyone does. But they don’t think attacking fans is the way to do that.

I would think that the CRIA would do well to listen to fans and artists … for a change.

And Canadians certainly need to wake up before this is what they are dealing with.

Take cues from fans, group says

The group opposes two major initiatives that global recording industry groups have used to battle music piracy: suing music fans and placing copy-protection on albums to make it difficult or impossible to transfer the music onto digital music players.

Taking cues from music fans and not fighting them is what should be done, said Canadian singer-songwriter Andrew Cash.

Later in the article it says,

“We cannot afford to have an adversarial relationship with our fans. New technology affords fans new ways to listen to music. We as artists… must adapt to that,” Page said.

“To say, ‘See you in court,’ and then, ‘See you at Massey Hall,’ isn’t going to work.”

In this same article you also hear the CRIA talking just the opposite plan.

It would appear that the Canadians too have a long “row to hoe” with this copyright nightmare.

Let’s hope they at least will see the light before they are dealing with fans being sued in their country as well.

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