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We are very excited to share with you that today, McAfee, Inc, a world class leader in information security for more than 15 years, acquired SiteAdvisor.

I woke up to an email from ZDNet news this morning that at first I was worried about:

Security company McAfee has acquired SiteAdvisor in a move to fortify defenses for people before they browse potentially malicious Web sites.

In the article at ZDNet and at McAfee, there was no mention that the free product would remain free.

I talked with Ben Edelman about it because I was worried. He assured me that the free version of SiteAdvisor would not be going away.

And true to his word, the CEO of SiteAdvisor confirms this on the SiteAdvisor Blog:

As we begin to integrate with McAfee, you’ll notice lots of improvements over the coming months. But a few things won’t be changing:

* The free features in the current SiteAdvisor software. They will remain free to our current users and will continue to be available for free on our Web site for new users.
* Our commitment to provide objective safety ratings which are free from conflicts of interest.
* Our willingness to probe deeply into the actions of the malicious players on the Web and to work hand in hand with you, the SiteAdvisor community, to expose them.

This news actually turned out to be Great News for SiteAdvisor users!

Congratulations SiteAdvisor and thank you for making sure we as your user base didn’t lose out on the deal!

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