Consumer groups rail against proposed data-breach notification law – Computerworld

The article above states that consumer and privacy advocacy groups are very upset about Bill proposal on data-breach notification. This Bill (H.R. 3997), AKA the Financial Data Protection Act of 2005, was approved by the House Financial Services Committee.

This Bill provides financial services companies a national standard for securing sensitive personal information and notification of consumers if/when a breach occurs.

Susanna Montezemolo told ComputerWorld that this Bill is a really devastating blow for consumers. She also was clear that this Bill was not become law yet.

When will the feds realize that they work for ‘the people’ not the lobbyists!

Decisions like this are the very reason many Citizens firmly believe that Lobbyists and Riders (on Bill proposals) should be literally driven away from our government … on all levels. It keeps politicians from doing what is in the best interest of Citizens in favor of Special Interests.

This should have gone in favor of the Citizen Consumer, not the Corporate or Special Interests. And upheld what the most complete State Laws which were set up to protect Citizens/Consumers had already come up with, not stooped to the lowest common denominator. And wipe out State Laws that were better than their Federal counterpart could ever be as passed.



EDIT: Removed any direct quotes from the ComputerWorld article in accordance with their copyright policy. Thanks Jeber for bringing this to my attention.

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