Flexbeta – New motherboard, new Windows license?

Microsoft recently made a change to the licence agreement saying that a new motherboard is equal to a new computer, hence you need to purchase a new Windows licence.

Here is what Microsoft has to say:

“An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a “new personal computer” to which Microsoft® OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from another computer. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created and the license of new operating system software is required.

Looks like the new saying will be … Dude, your NOT getting a Dell!

Looks like Microsoft has finally carved in stone for ALL OEM computer makers, what Dell and a few others have been doing for quite a while now…. marrying the OEM Windows Operating System to the purchased OEM computer.

Sad day for fair use.

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  1. That is completely ridiculous. There’s almost nothing I despise more than the creation of extra code to create a false limitation on something that is completely technically feasible. Just dispicible.

  2. I hear you epp_b … and unfortunately many unsuspecting folks will get snookered on this one.

    A new license whenever you upgrade the computer’s motherboard for non-defect reasons. (I wonder if they will require that you upgrade the motherboard through that OEM vendor too in order to verify that the motherboard was defective?)

    This licensing scheme is pretty much equating Microsoft Windows with IBM’s OS/2 Warp … every two years renewing IBM’s OS/2 Warp for $99/year ($198 total every two years).

    At least for anyone who likes to upgrade their motherboard every 18 months to two years.

    Maybe Microsoft forgot that cost was one of the main reasons they won out over IBM’s OS/2 Warp in the first place.

    Using local “Mom and Pop” shops, or “Build your own, we mean it,” will be the mantra of the future for many … me included.

    Not that I mind that! I love to build my own computers.

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