Digg Blog: Digg & Yahoo!

Digg Blog: Digg & Yahoo!

Kevin Rose initially saw the rumors about Digg.com acquisition rumors on his own Digg.com website, ironic huh? He posted a message there to dispell it. Then he sees other well known tech news outlets picking it up and running with it! So he decided to post on Digg Blogg about it.

Here’s what Kevin has to say about it:

Digg & Yahoo!

Yesterday, I saw a couple digg stories reporting rumors about Yahoo! acquiring digg – I posted a small comment on digg dispelling the rumors and thought that was the end of it. Then, I woke up this morning to see TechCrunch (great site btw), CNN, CNET, and a few others fueling the rumors. So, just to set things straight – we are not in talks with Yahoo. We are focused on creating new features and expanding digg into new areas beyond tech. The recent reports about digg and Yahoo! are just rumors, nothing more.

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posted by Kevin Rose at 11:53 AM

Tech Rumormills are amazing!

Just because someone says that some company wants to buy something, doesn’t mean they have to sell.

In several places around the web, Kevin Rose is noted as saying:

“We are focused on features, not selling the company.”

Many have interpreted that to he didn’t say he wasn’t selling.

It is always so sad to me to see huge companies take over small ones, even for a excellent price. Most sellers would like to believe things would be the same or better, but the truth of the matter is not always that pretty. Things change when corporations take over, and not always for the better. Sure they may end up with more money and/or bandwidth, and maybe they will say you maintain control, but the seller will have to give up something for that … and often it’s not something they would have been willing to give up before the sale.

So many small companies have sold out to big corporations and lost sight of their roots.

I hope that doesn’t happen with Digg.com.

There are other options where one can keep control of what they build.

Either way, I hope they do well. Digg.com is a great place!

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