Renowned spyware researcher Eric Howes joins Sunbelt Software

Worcester, UK, 16th January 2005 ­ Sunbelt System Software, the leading provider of Windows system administration tools and enterprise security solutions, today announces the appointment of renowned security expert, Eric Howes, to the position of director of malware research. In his new role, Eric will be responsible for spearheading Sunbelt¹s threat research initiatives and manage the talented efforts of Sunbelt¹s threat research team. He will be based at Sunbelt¹s office in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Howes, formerly an instructor and researcher at the University of Illinois, has been studying spyware behaviour for over five years. Widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on spyware and malicious mechanisms, Howes has served as a panellist at the CNET anti-spyware workshop and is an active and well-known participant in many of the security forums dedicated to spyware research including and

More information about Eric, (and also a second security expert to be brought onboard) by Alex at Sunbelt BLOG:

Today, we announced two significant hires: Eric Howes, who is now our new Director of Malware Research and Joe Wells, who is joining us as Chief Scientist, Security Research.

Eric is a well known antispyware researcher and one of the most widely quoted authorities on the problems of spyware and adware. You’ll know his work on running the Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware list and his extensive work in antispyware testing. Eric has had an independent consulting relationship with Sunbelt since the fall of 2004, and dealing with him has been highly enjoyable. He is a truly valued addition to our team.

The second addition is veteran security expert Joe Wells as chief scientist, security research. Joe was previously the chief antivirus architect at Fortinet and is one of the most widely known authorities on malware threats — having worked in key R&D positions at Trend Micro, Symantec, Certus and IBM’s Thomas Watson Research Center. He is also the founder of the well-known Wildlist. You can see his full CV here. Joe has an amazing background and it’s been a rare treat and an honor to have spent time with him discussing our future plans. Oh, and talk about war stories – Joe has seen it all.

I’m truly thrilled to have these two new members of our team, as we see Sunbelt moving into new realms.

More corporate propaganda on Joe here and Eric here.

Alex Eckelberry

Congratulations Eric! I have been following Eric’s research for a long time and it is great to see him onboard with Sunbelt Software. He has helped save all our bacon at one time or another! Thanks Eric!

Congratulations to Joe as well. I have only heard of him but from my reading, he is a pretty amazing person as well.

Way to go Alex and everyone at Sunbelt Software (makers of CounterSpy and other security tools) for landing two great folks for their team.

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