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Today, NTP and RIM were sent to work things out using a court appointed mediator — a move that could signal U.S. District Judge James Spencer’s disposition to rule in favor of NTP. But, based on what I can gather, there’s a serious problem with the due process that’s being applied in this case. As it turns out, the US Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO) issued a preliminary finding last week that — in combination with previous rulings — could mean the invalidation of all of the patents on which NTP’s infringement suit is based. Let me repeat that: based on the USPTO’s preliminary findings, NTP could have no case. Notta. Zilch. Nothing. Based on the existence of what is called “prior art,” NTP’s claims could be baseless. Apparently, based on the USPTO’s legendary reputation for moving like molasses and the fact that the USPTO’s finding is only preliminary (it’s still possible for the final determination to swing the other way in favor of NTP), the Judge doesn’t want to wait and is insisting on closure now. So, now, RIM is basically being forced to license a patent from a company that may not have that patent.

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This is just plain wrong … how can they make any kind of ruling with these types of questions … that’s taking blind justice to a whole new level. IMHO.

Now the justice system is not only blind, it’s deaf too?

Or maybe they are trying to show that they are now deaf, dumb and blind.


Thanks David!

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