BetaNews | 180solutions Tries to Clean Up its Act

After filing suit against Zone Labs last week for alleged damage to its business, adware provider 180solutions has come under fire from all angles. The company has also been accused of letting partners slip its ad software onto users’ PCs through illegal crack and porn sites. Now, 180 is promising to clean up its act.

On Tuesday, 180solutions announced it was ending the distribution of 180search Assistant and releasing Seekmo Search Assistant instead, which it says includes technologies to help reduce the number of unauthorized installations. Asserting its innocence, 180 claims its partners are the ones trying to defraud end-users.

The company’s new Safe and Secure Search (S3) technology features what it calls a Closed Loop System (CLS). 180solutions says the additions allow it to track a “compromised” distribution channel and receive real-time feedback from users through the CLS.

180 can then message users informing them that the ad software was installed on their computers without permission, and offer a one-click removal option, the company claims. Customers can also choose to opt-in and keep the Search Assistant software on their PC if they so desire.

We buy that don’t we? NOT.

Oh, and why not? Well the next line in the article should pretty well answer that one for anyone who has tangled with Zango:

Zango Search Assistant, 180’s primary adware product, includes the same capabilities.

There is something seriously wrong with the thinking of these ‘companies’ IMHO.

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