Entertainment: Industry Article | Reuters.com – Movie studios, BitTorrent sign anti-piracy pact

Hollywood’s major movie studios and Internet technology provider BitTorrent Inc. have signed a pact to help stem piracy of films on the Web, but the move was deemed by both as an “early experiment.”

Under the deal announced on Tuesday, BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen agreed to remove links on his Web site that direct users to illegal copies of films that can be downloaded.

But because the BitTorrent software already is widely used to pirate movies, television shows and music, the agreement was seen more as a symbol of change in the industry than a deal that would have a major, immediate impact on curbing piracy.

Who wrote this article? Sounds like it was written by the MPAA.

Yes, it’s a great thing that BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen is discouraging downloading copyrighted material, but really!

BitTorrent’s claim to fame is NOT downloading movies, TV shows, etc. Granted alot of that is apparently going on.

But, BitTorrent was created to help distribute things like linux distributions and other software that is legally distributed on the Internet.

And is also used by many, including Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, and so many other for audio and video and these productions are allowed, and encouraged te be downloaded by their creators because it helps to defray the bandwidth costs for these large downloads as it does with linux distrobutions.

You’d never know that by reading this article. 😦

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