Technology News: Privacy : Internet Heavyweights Back Adware Whitelist Effort

The whitelist downloads will not necessarily be free of adware or programs tracking a user’s online movements. They would, however, be required to “prominently disclose” what types of advertising will be displayed, which personal information will be tracked, and how user settings may be altered. They also must pledge to obtain user opt-in consent for the download and include simple-to-follow uninstall instructions.

A whitelist of sorts might be a good idea. But, the way in which they are suggesting is back-arse-wards, in my humble opinion. This sounds more like a greylist than a whitelist.

For ease of use, why not have a whitelist that includes programs that DO NOT have anything in the installer except the program itself, and have them certify that their programs are not adware, spyware, malware in themselves?

Now that would be a whitelist.

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