Public Knowledge – Oral Testimony of PK President Gigi Sohn on Content Protection in the Digital Age: The Broadcast Flag, High-Definition Radio, and the Analog Hole

We are living in a time of great technological innovation and artistic abundance, and consumers — your constituents — are the beneficiaries. Consumers have never had so much choice, so much flexibility and so much opportunity to become creators themselves.

iPods and other MP3 players provide a fun and convenient way to listen to music, books and podcasts. TiVo, EyeTV and Slingbox allow you to watch your favorite TV shows when and where you want.

New services like satellite digital radio and digital broadcast radio are giving consumers more opportunities to hear the music they love and the news and information they crave. As the DTV transition kicks into high gear, we will be able to choose from multiple program streams of high definition news, sports and entertainment.

The opportunities for the content industry to profit from new digital technologies are increasing every day. Sales of DVDs are generating enormous revenues. iTunes just announced that in a few short weeks it has sold one million programs for use on its new video iPod. And Mr. Bainwol said in an interview yesterday that he estimates that legitimate online song purchases could supplant CD retail losses by 2007. As the content industry has ramped up its online delivery of content, it has been testing a variety of protection measures that provide both security for the industry and flexibility for consumers.

Despite all this exciting activity, we are here today to discuss three draft bills that could bring this technological and artistic renaissance to a grinding halt.

Much more in the Public Knowledge link above. This was just the introduction!

Today is Thursday, November 17, 2005 and it’s the day that the triple punch is again brought up before the oversight committee.

I for one, will be watching closely these hearings and wondering how this hearing will affect my voting in the future for those on this committee here in Virginia.

This triple punch being presented by the RIAA/Big 5 and the MPAA, will be disasterous to innovation and stifling to personal ‘fair use’ for the forseable future.

It will be a dark age for technology innovation and personal rights of citizens.

Let us watch and see whether our elected officials who have been appointed to this oversight committee will respond.

Will our elected officials stand up for their “The People,” or are we to become a society where our own tax dollars will be turned against US, while the government burns through our tax dollars in enforcement and litigation?

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