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Along those same lines, and in the spirit of public outcry, write to your Congresspeople and ask them to oppose the three forms of legislation — any broadcast flag laws, the HD Radio Content Protection Act, and the Analog Content Security Preservation Act — currently under consideration by Congress. While you’re at it, remind them that your not at all too pleased with the DMCA either. Threaten to vote them out unless they not only respect your rights, but stand up for them for them as well. After all, isn’t that what our system of representation is all about?

[Important Update, 11/16 9:15AM EDT: The Electronic Frontier Foundation has several online “letter wizards” with prewritten text that can help you generate letters to your Congresspeople in a heartbeat. To easily write a single letter that covers the full triple legislative threat of the three proposals currently under Congressional consideration (broadcast flag, HD Radio, and Analog Hole), go here. To generate a letter that’s specific to the proposed HD Radio legislation, go here. To generate a letter that’s specific to any proposed broadcast flag legislation, go here. As of the time of this update, it appears as though the EFF does not have a letter that’s specific to the Analog hole, nor does it have guidelines for filling out the USCO’s online form regarding DMCA anticircumvention exemptions. To see a list of all of the issues that the EFF thinks you should be writing to Congres about, go to the EFF Action Center.]

Finally, this Christmas, much the same way it looks as though buyers are willing to economically punish Sony for its recent rootkit faux pas, send a message to all companies that promote the spread of the DRM disease (through the incorporation of DRM technologies into their content and products) by punishing them as well. If that means Johnny won’t be getting an iPod from Santa this year, then so be it. Years from now, Johnny will hopefully be thanking you for how your civil disobedience did more to protect his future than any portable audio player ever could.

Excellent article, David.

We need to stop this! See our earlier posting on this as well here.

You don’t take people’s rights away just because it can be used for evil.

Keeping honest people honest, which is the majority of people, generally is accomplished by giving them the same trust and respect that you expect for yourself. Not treating them like criminals.

Gee, that sounds a lot like the golden rule .. the real golden rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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