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A high-ranking Bush administration official weighed in Thursday on anti-piracy efforts domestically and abroad, indirectly chastising Sony BMG Music Entertainment for its digital rights management (DRM) software, which computer security analysis say uses tactics typically employed by virus writers to hide its components and resist their removal.

According to Mr. Krebbs, Stewart Baker who was recently appointed as Department of Homeland Security’s assistant secretary for policy, made a comment that “suggested that some anti-piracy efforts introduced by the industry could have profound and unexpected effects on the security of the nation’s critical infrastructures.”

The following is part of the comment that Mr. Krebbs quoted Mr. Baker as saying:

In a remark clearly aimed directly at Sony and other labels, Stewart continued: “It’s very important to remember that it’s your intellectual property — it’s not your computer. And in the pursuit of protection of intellectual property, it’s important not to defeat or undermine the security measures that people need to adopt in these days.

I am really happy that Stewart Baker of DHS sees the light. Wonder if he be at the oversight hearings on Thursday for the triple punch from the RIAA/MPAA?

It would be nice if someone who actually seems to get it within the government would stand with ‘The People’ on these matters along side Gigi B. Sohn, President, Public Knowledge and Michael D. Petricone, Vice President, Government Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) on behalf of CEA and the Home Recording Rights Coalition against these vultures.

Think about it. These things are related.

I think this chess game has gone on long enough. No matter how many times they are defeated, they keep coming back — like the energizer bunny — and this time to Our Congress with their own ‘drafts’ for legislation which will drastically affect our lives.

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