Hollywood Demands New Piracy Laws

Get this one … MP3newswire.net and Jon Newton report,

Microsoft, Apple and other owners of the BSA (Business Software Alliance), together with the entertainment cartels, are demanding that America’s Cheney/Bush administration adds new commercial ‘crimes’ to US law.

What’s their excuse?


New laws, mooted by purely commercial intersts, would, “bump up criminal penalties for pirates, expand criminal prosecutors’ powers and punish anyone who attempts’ to infringe a copyright,” says CNET News.

The article goes on to say:

“According to the proposal being circulated by the department, the measure would create a new crime called ‘attempting to infringe a copyright‘ and subject it to the same penalties as more serious infringement offenses.”

1984 here we come … thought crimes to become reality in 2005?

Oh, and it just gets better:

Anyone found guilty of the new ‘crimes’ wouldn’t only face jail, says CNET. He or she would also, “have to pay the copyright holder” and any other “victim of the offense” out-of-pocket losses “resulting from the crime”.

At the moment, “it’s only possible to enforce against copyrights that are registered with the government” but, “The new proposal would make that true only in civil cases, allowing prosecutors to go after pirates regardless of whether the copyright is registered.”

Why don’t we all just go check ourselves into the nearest prison now and avoid the rush? ANYONE, literally anyone could be prosecuted with this type of witch hunt legislation.

And nobody thought that things like the book 1984 and the TV show Max Headroom or any of the other SciFi stories could ever come true?

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  1. Isn’t it great what we can accomplish in an almost perfect world? Now that all of the world’s violent theives, abusers, and murderers are taken care of, we can focus on the real crimes! Let’s get down to business on jailing innocent consumers trying to get the fair use rights back that corporations and the Gov’t ripped out of their hands!

    Not to start a political argument here, but sheesh – you could get furbies outlawed if you so desired by claiming that they had terrorist objectives (of course…that might not be such a bad thing, but you get the point 😉

  2. Welcome Epp_B … Yep…isn’t it grand. And people have been worried about other government funded things when it’s the already overflowing prisons that will be overflowing even more … and new ones going up every day at this rate. Guess everyone won’t have to worry about a roof over their head or food on the table…I understand that the government (at least a few years ago) paid nearly $20K a year on each inmate in prison to provide for their needs.

    Hmmm, wonder who will be paying taxes to pay for that now that everyone will be in prison? LOL!

  3. Ah-HA! As long as we’re all in prison, they can control our every move!

    I know this is steering a bit off-topic, but…our local provincial Gov’t just spent $700k for — get this — giving incarcarated felons tatoos! Just another wonderful way Gov’ts spend our money. Isn’t it ironic that they priveledge jailed convicts these so-called “freedoms”, yet, they won’t even slightly hesitate to take away the publics’ freedoms as long as it means more cash?

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