BetaNews | Trojan Horse Hides Using Sony Rootkit

What security experts have warned about Sony’s DRM has come to pass, with a new trojan horse attempting to hide itself using techniques enabled by the company’s anti-piracy software. Dubbed “Troj/Stinx-E” by Sophos, the application copies itself to a file called: $sys$drv.exe, which is hidden by Sony’s copy protection.

And if it wasn’t bad enough to find one … F-Secure’s blog nows shows TWO that do this! The second one fixes some things in the first one unfortunately and uses ‘$sys$xp.exe’ instead of ‘$sys$drv.exe.’

Thank you Sony. You have managed to protect copying at the expense of both your customers and your artists. Good job…..sheesh.

And do they really think this will stop here?

As a computer tech that cleans up consumer and small business computers, I can tell you with certainty that malware writers are always waiting for an opening or opportunity to get into consumer and corporate computers through exploits in the OS and/or software. Sony just managed to hand them the computers of those who are duped into trusting their company enough to buy these ‘copy protected’ CDs.

Oh, yeah … good job. 😦

I wonder how many additions we will have to this posting regarding malware that exploits this?

This is very sad.

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