EFF: Stop the MPAA and RIAA’s Horror Triple Bill!

On Thursday, November 3rd, the heads of the MPAA and RIAA present to the House Subcommittee on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property their plans for the future of digital technology.

For high-definition television (HDTV), the MPAA demands every receiver must have, and obey, the broadcast flag. For new radio technologies, you’ll be restricted to recording radio shows for a minimum of 30 minutes, for a maximum of 50 hours. And all analog to digital video conversions will be forced to watch for, and obey, a concealed copy restriction mark.

If any one of these provisions pass, it would be a disaster for you and for innovation.

There’ll be no room for open source software here. All of these devices must be “robust” — welded shut to prevent alteration by their owners.

There’ll be no room for innovation without the say-so of Hollywood. And there’ll be no fair use copying without breaking the law.

Let Congress know how preposterous the MPAA and RIAA’s proposals are, and warn them that your technological future depends on their willingness to stand up for your rights.

More information:

* EFF’s Analysis: Halloween on the Hill
* Analog Hole Discussion Draft
* HD Radio Discussion Draft

Here’s a chance to make your voice be heard!

Stop the MPAA and RIAA’s Horror Triple Bill!

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  1. […] the right to let them know where their constituents stand on such issues. See our article EFF: Stop the MPAA and RIAA’s Horror Triple Bill! for how you can help. I’ve done my part alrea […]

  2. […] CDs in the future. And I also think we should all be contacting congress on this because thursday’s triple punch oversight hearing could just make it all that much worse. […]

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