EFF: Tell Key Senators to Ditch the Broadcast Flag

Here we go again! But this time folks in Virginia and other Key states can help! This one is a pretty sneaky attempt to get this Broadcast Flag in ANY WAY THEY CAN. When will WE finally say … ENOUGH!

Well, I have and will continue to say ENOUGH! Please see if your voice can also help.

Here’s why:

Washington politicians are being pressured by MPAA lobbyists to make the Broadcast Flag the law of the land. They’re being drowned in glowing descriptions of how this single bit will save the world from digital piracy.

Hollywood won’t tell them that the Flag will dump broadcast digital TV into a ghetto of copy-protection. They won’t reveal how open source digital TV receivers will be banned. They won’t speak for those consumers who, when analog TV is turned off, will find their new digital TV equipment saddled with fewer features and more incompatibilities than their old analog video recorders. And they certainly won’t point out that it won’t stop Internet piracy at all.

If your congressperson is on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, or you live in a state represented by a senator on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, you can make a difference. Those are the key politicians who will decide whether the Flag is raised on Capitol Hill. Tell them the truth about the Flag.

If you are in a key district, please write. And if you have a few minutes, edit our letter to add your own comments (See the guides to the Flag below). Mention who you are, how it will affect you, your business – and your vote in the next election. Tell them what the MPAA isn’t saying.

More info:

* The Three Minute Guide to the Flag
* EFF’s Broadcast Flag Page

* Wikipedia on the Broadcast Flag
* Walt Crawford’s Broadcast Flag and Why You Should Care (PDF)- a detailed guide to the history and weaknesses of the Flag.

Here’s how you can help: Visit EFF.org and tell your Senator enough already! My VA Senator was a Key senator this time around – maybe yours will be too.

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