BSA wants ‘private copy levies’ scrapped | The Register

According to The Register article noted above,

The BSA is calling on European governments to scrap so-called private copy levies on digital hardware and media, branding them outmoded and unfair to the consumer in a world with digital rights management (DRM) software.

The reasoning behind this change? They claim it’s because of the ‘digital age’ as referenced here:

“Levies were designed to compensate for unpoliceable private copying; but with DRMs the rationale for levies disappears,” he says. “Lawmakers cannot ignore that private copy levies are increasingly obsolete in the digital age.”

Making it out like they are the ones looking out for the consumer. Hmmm….really?

I am not in the UK, but I think the Register got it right when they said,

But surely the BSA has not thought this one through. If Europeans are all paying for unpoliceable private copying already, why do we need DRM?

Who’s looking out for whom?

And who died and left DRM king?

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