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PaperGhost of VitalSecurity writes,

“We are now defining a strategy to move forward and improve our practices. If the anti-spyware community can help us identify things that are happening that are not in compliance with what I want our practices to be, then I welcome their input. I think that is one example [of a blog that pointed out a problem with unapproved installations of Direct Revenue’s ad clients, and thereafter Direct Revenue fixed it].” Jean-Philippe Maheu, Direct Revenue CEO

Interesting! A while back Brad Stone (Newsweek reporter well known for excellent pieces about the Adware / Spyware scene) got in touch and asked me a few questions. I’m sure he won’t mind me mentioning that the Direct Revenue CEO had dropped me into the conversation, though at that point I had no idea as the context. Well now I do, and an “I love” T-Shirt is in the post. However…the full article does raise some more questions, and I’m interested to see what the answers may bring…

This is a must read .. see how twisted and devious spyware/adware installations can get even while the company is saying something entirely different.

In addition check out what Wayne Porter at ReveNews found out,

For Whom The Bell Tolls- Tomes of Grey Part I

After reviewing the evidence in the books I urged the sender, David Eastbrook of Huricane Digital Media to spirit this information to the proper authorities including the FBI, FTC and the New York Attorney General’s Office since there seems to be a tie-in with Direct Revenue. A company, I might add, that recently experienced a massive round of lay offs perhaps related to their less than stellar disclosure practices..

I choose a basic interview format to lay the ground work for questions. David’s answers follow my questions. I urge readers to ask David questions as he will be monitoring this thread to give feedback. This is a very complex case with many twists and turns and a blog entry simply cannot do it justice.

Another must read and keep it in your sights for follow up.

Want to see how an unwanted ware company responds? Check out this MSNBC article by Brad Stone: Pernicious Pop-Ups. A very interesting read. 😉

Much thanks to TeMerc for bringing all this to our attention.

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