Scientists: Earth’s center rotates faster than surface | CNET

As Earth turns, its center turns even faster.

Confirming assertions first made in 1996, a team of geophysicists is presenting data in the journal Science on Friday showing that Earth’s inner core, a ball of solid iron larger than the moon, spins faster than the rest of the planet. Over a period of 700 to 1,200 years, the inner core appears to make one full extra spin.

That extra spin could give scientists information about how the planet generates its magnetic field.

Cool … more science — or for FST Fireheads Morse Science 😉 — theory being proven surmised. (It’s all still theory.)

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  1. I’m still not sure the Earth’s core is solid iron. If the Earth is expanding as Neal Adams believes and has expounded upon in his Science Project pages, wouldn’t it would make more sense for the core to be gaseous?

  2. I hear ya … all theory really…on both sides. Nothing is proven. No humans with the capability to record for posterity were there and left us any information about it. So, I will change proven, until someone has actually confirmed it, to surmised. 😉

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