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There is a discussion going on about the guy who is trying to use a Microsoft suit to block the release of Vista to build PR for his political career based on this BetaNews Article.

There are alot of good thoughts about this lawsuit at Scot’s Newsletter Forums. Which sparked my interest and I wrote the following post in response:

Excellent points Jeber!

However, actually, you can blame Microsoft … for being far too customer centric … in order to make more money.

Customer asks for something or they think customers will like and therefore buy something .. they give it to them … secure or not. Wow the customer so they will buy. Think about security later.

Then fein surprise when someone figures out that they did that and how easy it is to exploit it.

That was then…..

Before the new Vista….they have stated that the new Vista will be different. They say they will think of security first.

However, they are moving to a place where they can control the client through hardware/software .. at first the Trusted Boot and eventually TCPA (if and when they can get people to buy into that … in other words if they (them) can get the frog in water (us) on the stove used to the heat before its too late to jump out!) This is not for us! This is for their corporate clients (RIAA, MPAA, and other corporations and governments that would benefit from that kind of control) … so they all can trust YOU the user…not the other way around. Sure, you will be more secure too … but at what cost?

Having said that … I think this anti-MS person has the cart before the horse. How can he know whether Vista is going to be as insecure as previous versions of Windows?

MS has stated that many features they had previously planned would not even ship with Vista … MS is trying to think of security first this time.

But why? It’s because the customer wants security now as well as features. So they have not changed their game plan … the customer has changed their needs to reflect the outrageous costs associated with trying to secure their computers running Windows simply BECAUSE Microsoft gave them what they wanted or what Microsoft perceived they wanted.

Was this person a in the Beta Testing for Vista? Does he know something we don’t?

Or is he just going on past experience with previous versions of Windows?

THERE WOULD BE NO OPERATING SYSTEMS … PERIOD … if they all had to make sure that all potential exploits, flaws, etc. were taken care of before the product was released. Sure they can run the OS through its paces and make sure that any flaws like buffer overflows etc. are taken care of. But an OS is a big Rubic Cube .. you fix one thing and another area unrelated may be affected in a bad way too and you have to fix that…and so on and so on.

Microsoft can build with security in mind, but there will always be someone who will work harder and faster for no money to find any exploits, flaws, etc.

The biggest problem is they are the big guy on the block … they need to do better than anyone else because people do depend on them for their personal information, their businesses, etc.

If Linux and/or Macs were Top Dog, the same people that are working day and night to find an exploit in Windows would do the same thing with Linux and Mac. And I am sure that they [Linux and Mac] would fare somewhat better because they based on a UNIX type of system, but there are problems there as well … and as they work toward being customer centric … they will see the same things as Microsoft is seeing now.

I remember when OS/2 used to be the OS of choice for ATMs. They moved to Windows and all kinds of problems have come out of that change. JUST so they could flash cute little graphics and ads to throw at you when you are at the ATM?

Thinking of security first will not make you popular. And that’s what Microsoft wants….to be the biggest, hottest OS out there, bar none. Well they got that …and now they are paying for their lack of vision…to quote an infamous movie character.

We live in a world where anyone can sue anyone, for any reason. The lawyers of the world and their corporate clients, the insurance companies, and sue happy consumer clients, and by extension politicians have made it so.

Microsoft will have to bite the bullet and deal with their Top Dog position, they wanted it and they got that Top Dog target on their back….by choice.

Just my two cents….

What do you think?

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  1. I figured this would end up in the blog…. 😀

    I was boycotting Longhorn/Vista before this guy came out, so nothing he has said will change anything.

  2. I am sure you are not the only one LOL! 😉

  3. […] And now, one might have a new picture of why some are trying to Block Vista — maybe it’s not an ‘anti-MS Group’ after all — maybe they are just in favor of owning what they buy and not blocking innovation outside of big money and big corporate companies like Intel and Microsoft, and the entertainment cartels? […]

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