Cisco, ISS file suit against rogue researcher

“What politicians are talking about when they talk about the Digital Pearl Harbor is a network worm. That’s what we could see in the future, if this isn’t fixed. ”

Michael Lynn, independent security researcher and discoverer of a reliable method for running code on Cisco routers

The court filing followed a presentation by security researcher Michael Lynn, a former ISS employee, who brushed off threats of legal action and a broad effort to delete his presentation from conference materials in order to warn attendees that malicious programs could be run on Cisco routers.

While the information had already been presented by Lynn on Wednesday morning, a Cisco spokesman said that the companies filed for a temporary restraining order on Wednesday afternoon to prevent further dissemination of Cisco’s intellectual property.

Intellectual Property? Huh? Their worried about Intellectual Property when their routers have a vulnerability that could allow code to be run on them and compromise security in not only businesses that depend on them, but also national security?

“I feel I had to do what’s right for the country and the national infrastructure,” he said. “It has been confirmed that bad people are working on this (compromising IOS). The right thing to do here is to make sure that everyone knows that it’s vulnerable.”

I sure hope the courts don’t get bogged down in stupid DMCA crap over this one…they need to be able to see the forest as well as the trees!

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