Intel to cut Linux out of the content market

INTEL IS ABOUT TO CUT Linux out of the legitimate content market, and hand the keys to the future of digital media to Microsoft at your expense. Don’t like it? Tough, you are screwed. The vehicle to do this is called East Fork, the upcoming and regrettable Intel digital media ‘platform’. The funny part is that the scheme is already a failure, but it will hurt you as it thrashes before it dies. Be afraid, be very afraid.

They go on to explain the good, the bad and the ugly of this whole thing.

Here’s one of the items under Up the river without a paddle section:

So, that is what it is, how does it sell you up the river? The first part is DRM. Any DRM on a machine is simply a sign of failure. It signifies that the providers cannot, or will not provide you with a good product at a fair price. People are inherently averse to getting screwed, in the way that Intel is doing mind you, and if you try to screw people, they will avoid you. If you offer them something they actually want, they tend to readily open their wallets. This crushing DRM that is being foisted upon you is the surest sign that you don’t want this product, and you will be paying too much for it. Don’t like that? Bought legislators are hard at work making sure you will go to jail if you try to exercise your rights on the issue.

Remember there was a time when something called fair use existed? Remember when you could rip a CD to your MP3 player to listen to in your car, or while out biking? That was and is called fair use. Breaking down the term, fair means equitable, and use means to use. Both are about to be stripped from you, but you get to pay for the privilege.

And later in the Linux is verboten section:

So, Linux becomes a forbidden for those who want to watch a movie legally. Think this is by chance? Think it won’t catch on? There is a $300 million plus ad campaign cooking to make sure you equate digital media with EF, and don’t question that you are giving up all your rights to pay for the privilege. People are stupid, and by the time they catch on that the EF machine they bought is the main method that they are being screwed by, it will be too late and you won’t be able to buy anything else. Trust me, this really is the plan.

I have asked Intel several questions, and never really got a satisfactory answer to any of them, mainly because I don’t think they can answer them honestly. The first one is, ‘who is your customer for EF, is it the consumer or the record companies?’ That is the round about way of saying, are you doing this for our benefit, or the content providers? When I asked it, I don’t think they had considered it enough. Now, Intel’s actions speak louder than words, and the answer is that it is not for our benefit.

And after even more truly upsetting items:

In closing, thanks Intel for selling us out. Thanks Microsoft, for being Microsoft. Thanks RIAA, MPAA and the other for being shining examples of unbridled greed. You and I, we were sold out, and when East Fork debuts in Q1 2006, there won’t be much you can do about it, legally anyway. Enjoy the little freedom you have left.

I hope sees the need to confront this in court. This is totally assinine.

Think this might not be? I would suggest reading the full article above, and then take a look at the following items with that information.

Check out this from April 2005: Digital 5 and CinemaNow Partner to Deliver Secure, Premium Content to Network Devices

And is this all there is?

Digital 5 Supports Microsoft’s Windows Media Connect Technology (November 2004)

And a Google search on “Secure Premium Content” Intel Microsoft
to see some of the areas where this type of thing is planned.

Doesn’t this whole thing give you the warm and fuzzies? 😦

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