EDIT: JimmyLee and I (Bambi) are now at Studio A in Michigan at Pop4.net‘s headquarters, and will be broadcasting a replay tonight since we haven’t had time to get all the wiring completed etc.

But we will be live next Saturday from a tractor show!

You will notice that we are at 24 kbps mono instead of 16kbps mono (which we normally have to do when we broadcast live from dialup in Virginia).

After the live show at the tractor show we hope to have the ability to have call-in phone calls as well.

So stay tuned to CNI Radio throughout the day for some great normal programming, a replay tonight, and next week as we go live at about 6:30 PM from a tractor show. Dan/MIBN1 said he may even go live too!

Special show next week. We will go live for tune up and information at about 6:30 PM, and the JimmyLee and Bambi Show 7 PM – 10 PM next Saturday, July 23 on the Shoutcast Internet stream ( copy and paste address to your audio player) courtesy of Pop4.net and MIBN1.com, and on cband satellite courtesy of Dana Pretzer’s CBandTalk Network (see Dana’s site for cband satellite location), followed by the Saturday edition of a few minutes with Firesign Theatre with JimmyLee also known on the Firesign Theatre Chat as ah,clem, from 10 PM to 11 PM — all on Saturday nights on CNI Radio – Computer News and Information!

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  1. this here is a road unit got internet in truck now wanted to chat but cant remember how call me later

  2. Got ‘cha all set up! See ya in chat!

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