– A Revolution is the Solution: 180 Solutions and CDT take the train to Bittorrent land

Yes, that’s right – 180 Solutions thought it’d be a great idea to not only pursue Bittorrent installer bundles, but kind of mess up on the “this is what’s included” front. Hmm….because the last coverage of this kind of thing generated so much good publicity, right?

Same old, same old? Blame the affiliates? Bore us all to death with a “whoops, we got them” and a “same time next month”?

You bet. So come with me and check out the latest great bit of kit in Bittorrent land…


Thanks go to Temerc for making us aware of PaperGhost’s article about this new scumware and to PaperGhost at for his vigilence in exposing them.

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