I recently saw a movie called Ladder 49 where I saw the life of a very dedicated fireman, who was loved and cherished by his family, his station and his friends, die in a terrible fire trying to help people live; and how his Captain during the Memorial service, noting that they would all be strong and brave as he, Jack Morrison had been (when he would go into fires when others run from them so he could help save lives), by not mourning his death, but celebrating his life.

With the emotional struggles our little family are going through right now, with my Dad in the last stage of brain cancer, this movie held some great truths for me to come to terms with in a very real way right now.

I hope we are able to be as strong and brave as my Dad has been through all of this … and that we can celebrate my Dad’s life instead of mourning our loss.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers….we really need it right now.

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