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Lecturer censored in Spanish University (UPV) for defending P2P networks

Date Created: 20 May, 2005, 09:15 AM

[Upon the request of various foreign media that would like to cover this story, and would like a link to the source in English, here is a recap of my ordeal]

This what happened to me when trying to defend the legal use of P2P networks in Spain.

I have been teaching “Intellectual Property” (although I dislike the term) among other subjects at a Masters Degree in the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV (Spain) for over 5 years. Two weeks ago I was scheduled (invited by the ETSIA Student Union and Linux Users’ Group for the celebration of “Culture Week”) to give a conference in one of the university’s buildings. During that conference I was to analyze the legal use and benefits of the P2P networks, even when dealing with copyrighted works (according to the Spanish Intellectual Property Law, Private Copy provision, and many research papers, books and court rulings). I was even going to use the network to “prove” that it was legal, since members of the Collecting Society “SGAE” had appeared on TV and newspapers saying that “P2P networks are ilegal” (sic) just like that, and to that extent I even contacted SGAE, National Police, and the Attorney General in advance to inform them about it.

The day before the conference, the Dean (pressured by the Spanish Recording Industry Association “Promusicae” as I found out later, and he recognized himself in a quote to the national newspaper El Pais, and even the Motion Picture Association of America, as another newspaper quotes) tried to stop it by denying permission to use the scheduled venue. So I scheduled a second one, and that was denied again. And a third time. Finally I gave the conference on the university cafeteria, for 5 hours, in front of 150 people.

Later on that day (May 4th, I will never forget), I received a call from the Director of the Masters Degree Program where I was teaching telling me that the Dean had called and had asked him to “make sure I did not teach there again”, and on a second call saying “it’s your choice, but also your responsibility”.

Much more in the article. Must read!

It is hard to believe this has happened to anyone!

As Jorge Cantell stated toward the end of the article:

When are we going to do something about it? We can’t let them impose their failed, outdated, and inefficient business model through threats, pressures and silence. We must speak out. I am wiling to travel the world (as I am doing now in conferences all over Spain) to tell my story, and they will not silence me. The truth has to be known. But I need your help.

Thanks to BoingBoing for making sure we knew about this!

I am helping to spread the word here in the US here on my blog and on CNI Radio during the JimmyLee and Bambi Show, Saturday 7-10pm.

This is just so wrong. There are many legitimate uses for P2P. It is marvelous technology. And we can’t have people’s lives destroyed like this. It was bad enough when here in the US, the RIAA started suing their own customers and potential customers…now this in Spain.

When do we finally say…ENOUGH!

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