Charter – News: Court Lets Wine Lovers Buy Out-Of-State

Wine lovers can’t be barred from shipping home bottles purchased from out-of-state vineyards they visit in person or on the Internet, the Supreme Court said Monday in a decision toasted by the wine industry.

The 5-4 ruling struck down laws in New York and Michigan as discriminatory because they allow in-state wineries, but not out-of-state businesses, to ship directly to consumers. It means that as many as 24 states that currently bar out-of-state shipments will have to revise their laws so wineries are treated equally.

The decision was cheered by wine lovers who said it would promote Internet sales around the country, leading to lower prices and more choices.

“This is the best day for wine lovers since the invention of the corkscrew,” said Clint Bolick, counsel for the Institute for Justice, which represented local wineries in the dispute.

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This is a true Duh!… Now, I can think of a few other items where this would be a really good idea as well … 😉

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