Declan McCullagh posted the following in his blog on CNET:

FCC’s broadcast flag: It’s back? | | CNET

Less than a week after a federal appeals court nixed the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to forcibly implant anti-copying technology into digital TV tuners, Hollywood appears to be turning to Congress for some legislative aid.

Advocacy group Public Knowledge, which sued to challenge the FCC’s broadcast flag, says it has obtained a copy of the Motion Picture Association of America’s draft legislation.

This is idiotic. Don’t get your way, go buy off the Congress.

Benjamin Franklin was so right….

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

As self centered as some big business is, they are still considered part of ‘the people.’

It’s no wonder some folks have given up on capitalism. Capitalism isn’t what’s broken, it’s the abusers (and by abusers, I do NOT mean those of us who want to retain our fair use).

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