Asa Dotzler on firefox, cats, mars, and more”: it’s the community, stupid

Excerpt: it’s the community, stupid Over the last few days I’ve seen several stories around the release of the Firefox 1.0.3 update with ridiculous headlines like “Firefox Comes Under Attack”, “Firefox Singed By Security Holes”, and “Security Holes Bite Firefox…

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Great comeback from asa at dated April 19, 2005 regarding the rash of articles that could have caused a stir and possibly made some folks think that there was something to it. When really all that was there was fluff.

Instead this entire situation simply showed the beauty of a open source community that is growing and wants to see Mozilla Firefox be all it can be.

Keep up the great work Mozilla Foundation and all those who help make Firefox a stronger and safer browser by getting any flaws that are found fixed so quickly.


Because those of us who work on Windows computers every day and clean them up for folks know the truth….that once you’ve dealt with unwanted installations of adware, spyware, crapware, malware, parasites, or whatever you want to call the current crop of junkware, and have seen how using that alternative browser helps to keep this ‘stuff’ off your computer, you will know that Firefox is a better browser…

NOTE: Originally posted: April 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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