LexisNexis Warns 300,000 of Possible Data Theft – Internal investigation reveals that many more people than previously thought may have fallen victim to hackers.

An internal investigation at the LexisNexis division of Reed Elsevier has uncovered evidence that as many as 310,000 more people may have had their personal information exposed to unauthorized individuals who compromised the security of a massive database of public and private information, including Social Security and drivers license numbers.

More here at ABC News article:

LexisNexis Breach May Be Worse Than Thought

Criminals may have breached computer files containing the personal information of 310,000 people, a tenfold increase over a previous estimate of how much data was stolen from information broker LexisNexis, the company’s parent said Tuesday.

At least ABC, unlike PCWorld, called it as it is. These folks are criminals, not hackers. Not all hackers are criminals, nor are all criminals hackers.

NOTE: Originally posted: April 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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