I was reading up on the Grokster versus MGM thing today and came across Mark Cuban’s Blog. He really makes a lot of sense.

In one of his entries he talks about Let the truth be told – MGM vs Grokster, in another Let’s test the RIAA logic – Digital Media and the Net, and my response below is specifically in response to the Mark’s entry entitled The countdown for the extinction of CDs is about to begin.

Well, this is one place where I think the photo companies and stores that handle photos and film are well ahead of the music and movie industries.

They pretty much cater to all people’s needs.

You can take film to them to process, and get back pictures (hard copy), negatives (to make new copies) and you can even get them in digital form on a CD.

You take your digital memory card to Walmart or CVS and other retail outlets, and get hard copies, arrange them any way you want, make post cards, whatever you want. Sure you can do this part at home on your computer but they give you the way to do it with them as well for convenience or because you have a digital cams but don’t have a computer or whatever your particular situation is.

Now why couldn’t the RIAA and MPAA do something more like that? Why can’t you order DRM or no DRM, multiple format availability including downloadable/burnable CDA format, and/or get a CD with your purchased songs on it mailed to you as backup or sold to you at the store along with your digital recordings. Sold either by the song or by the album?

There was a start of this that I saw where folks could actually buy the CD in CDA format to download and burn for yourself too. Now that broadband is so prevalent (over 50% now), why couldn’t something like this be a more widespread option as well?

Nobody wants to buy something that will be turned off if you don’t subscribe to their service or if you have to unexpectedly reformat your drive for some reason and there goes either your licenses, and/or your only working copy of the music you actually purchased. That’s idiotic and shortsighted. Paint me surprised. Like they’ve never been shortsighted before?

NOTE: Originally posted: April 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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