Phishing by phone–VoIP raises security concerns | Tech News on ZDNet:

“Internet phone services have drawn millions of users looking for rock-bottom rates. Now they’re also attracting identity thieves looking to turn stolen credit cards into cash.

Some Internet phone services let scam artists make it appear that they’re calling from another phone number–a useful trick that enables them to drain credit accounts and pose as banks or other trusted authorities, online fraud experts say.

‘It’s like you’ve handed people an entire phone network,’ said Lance James, who as chief technology officer of Secure Science sees such scams on a daily basis.”

They act like this is something new and different, and directly related only to VoIP. This ability has been around for a long time from what I understand with traditional and cellular phones as well as VoIP.

Maybe VoIP makes it easier, but it’s nothing new. We all need to be aware of who we are talking to on the phone…regardless of the type of phone we are on.

NOTE: Originally posted: March 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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