Customer data stolen from footwear retailer | Tech News on ZDNet:

“Credit card and purchase data from 103 DSW Shoe Warehouse stores was stolen and used in fraudulent activity, according to parent company Retail Ventures.

The theft is the latest reported instance in recent weeks in which customers’ personal data was stolen or lost. Other companies to report such problems include Bank of America, ChoicePoint and LexisNexis.

Columbus, Ohio-based Retail Ventures said Tuesday customer data was stolen mainly over the past three months, though it was unable to say how many customers were affected. Retail Ventures said it discovered the theft late last week.

Those who provided data via DSW’s Web site were unaffected, the company said.

‘Credit card companies have alerted us there is some fraudulent activity,’ said Julie Davis, the general counsel for Retail Ventures.”

There is something odd about this story. They say that data provided via the DSW’s website was unaffected, yet they also say in the article that they believe it was a hacker conducted the theft.

From the information provided in the article, it makes little sense – other than the company trying to latch onto current sensationalism.

Not to mention that yet again the media, and/or a company, sully the term hacker instead of using a more proper term such as cracker or blackhat hacker, or just the general term criminal for Pete’s sake.

NOTE: Originally posted: March 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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