Hackers break into citizen database | Tech News on ZDNet

Hackers have gained access to personal information of about 32,000 U.S. citizens on databases owned by publisher Reed Elsevier, the second company to reveal a major breach in the past month.

The FBI and the Secret Service arm of the U.S. Treasury Department are investigating, a company representative said Wednesday.

Anglo-Dutch publisher Reed Elsevier said the breach at the Seisint unit was found after a customer’s billing complaint in the last week led to the discovery that an identity and password had been misappropriated.

The information accessed included names, addresses, Social Security and driver’s license numbers, but not credit history, medical records or financial information.

Seisint, based in Boca Raton, Fla., collects data from government agencies, building large databases and ways to extract information from them.

Yet another database compromise….sigh…And again they sully the hacker! These were crackers, blathat hackers, criminals! Not your normal average hacker, tinkerer! When will they get it right in the media!

NOTE: Originally posted: March 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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