Spyware Warrior – SpywareWarrior Responds to iSearch/iDownload

After researching her own website and listing the pages she found that even mentioned them on her website, Suzi, she had the following to say:

You will note that I made no personal comments about iSearch or any of the other items in the lists. I merely copied information that was posted elsewhere. If you have a complaint with your product being listed and targeted by Lavasoft and Javacool Software, you should contact them directly.

You also stated:

“Specifically, a recent review of materials disseminated by your company, via the Internet, revealed that your company is falsely disparaging iDowload’s product, iSearch, in that Domains by Proxy, Inc. classifies the product as Malware and articulates that,

“iSearch “Desktop Search” hijacker….”
“iSearch is unidentified malware….”

That is simply untrue; I made no such statements anywhere on the netrn.net domain. Moreover, even the program update notices described above that were reproduced on my web site include no such statements—they merely list the name of your company’s programs. If you will insist that such statements are included on my web site, please supply URLs for the pages you believe include those statements.

Should you decide to pursue a complaint against my site, perhaps you should be aware of the California anti-SLAPP legislation:


The Cease & Desist letter you sent to me as well as any further complaints to me will be submitted to ChillingEffects.org for review and publication:


In summary, after reviewing my site, I have concluded that your allegations and requests are based on inaccurate, false information and are thus completely unwarranted and utterly without merit.

Yours truly,


Way to go Suzi!

Please feel free to read the entire response letter on Spyware Warrior (headline link above).

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